Park models offer an alternative to RVers who have grown tired of “living out of a big, motorized suitcase with no place to call home,” according to a story from the San Antonio Express-News.
Park models are 400-square-foot units that can be wider than the 8 1/2-foot maximum for motorhomes or towables that travel on highways. And because assembled in factories, park models are inexpensive dwellings, with retail prices ranging from $30,000 right off the shelf to around $55,000 for one loaded with options.
Experienced RVers Stuard and Wanda Byrum were among those interviewed by the Express-News. Originally from Oklahoma, they now live in a park model in Guadalupe River RV Resorts, a 250-space campground along the Guadalupe River.
“For people who are retired and who want to travel and maintain a home, I can’t imagine not having one,” Wanda Byrum said.
Park models also can be used as hunting lodges, lake cabins and as guesthouses for visiting family and friends, according to Charlie Blackwell, owner of a park-model dealership in Burnet, Texas
Of course there can be challenges to park-model ownership, including the high cost of land, subdivision deed restrictions that prohibit them from being located in certain areas and the fact that, at least in Texas, whether a park model is taxed like a typical home or as an RV depends on “the discretion of the local tax appraiser,” the Express-News reported.
“Despite those restrictions, owners and dealers see the park model as the solution for thousands of Texans and Winter Texans,” the newspaper reported.