Larry Waddell, owner of Hitcharama RV, Turnersville, N.J., tells customers they don’t need to spend a half-million dollars or more to buy their own place at the New Jersey Shore, according to the Cherry Hill (N.J.) Courier Post.
For $30,000 to $50,000, consumers may purchase a product that looks and functions like a tidy little house – except it’s on wheels, he tells them.
Waddell, 34, and his partner Ted LeBow, 39, sell many kinds of RVs. But they said what’s capturing the customer’s eye these days is the park model RV, a product with more height, larger proportions and top-of-the-line amenities.
Even people who are not traditional RVers are drawn to the park model, said Waddell, Hitcharama president and CEO.
“It’s a pleasant surprise for many folks,” said Waddell, who prefers to call park models resort home/RVs. “It’s more like a home than a motorized vehicle. We are hoping that the high cost of real estate at the shore will get consumers to consider purchasing these.”
A growing market for recreational vehicles – particularly the park models – drew Waddell and LeBow to purchase Hitcharama RV in November 2005. The company, which is 20 years old, generates revenue of $20 million a year and is one of the largest RV dealers in the state.
Customers for park models are often people who may have purchased real estate at the shore – once upon a time. “Today, they are completely priced out, but their vacation needs are still there,” Waddell said.
Hitcharama RV has built relationships with a number of resort parks at both the New Jersey and Delaware shores as well as in the Poconos.
“There are a lot of campgrounds out there,” said Waddell. “We sometimes can find a customer a site that they may not be able to find on their own.”