RVers who spend their nights on parking lots, instead of in licensed campgrounds with sewage disposal facilities, are worrying officials of Key West, Fla., according keysnews.com.
However, Key West officials have not yet taken strong steps to deal with the situation, the online newspaper reported.
Currently, Key West city officials and the Tourist Development Council “do not encourage RV owners who have no (campground) reservation to come to Key West, but the come anyway,” according to keysnews.com.
The RVers who do not stay at Key West area campgrounds spend their nights in shopping center and supermarket parking lots, public parks and beach areas.
One Key West official believes private property owners with large parking lots should install pumpout stations — similar to what marina operators use for disposing of boaters’ sewage — that RVers could use for a fee.
The city official, Merili McCoy, does not want to encourage RVers without campground reservations to travel to Key West and park overnight in parking lots. But since people are doing it anyway, he believes local officials should take some action to minimize the contamination of Key West’s near shore waters. He feels parking lot pumpout stations might be the answer.
A year ago, another Key West official asked shopping center owners to get campground licenses, which would, among other things, require them to provide some sort of sewage disposal system for use by RVers using their parking lots. However, keysnews.com did not report how the shopping center owners responded.