Parkit360 reported record growth in several key business segments and announced expansion plans, according to a press release. The Ontario, Canada-based company manufactures innovative power dollies for boat, RV and general purpose trailers.

North American sales increased 40% over the same period last year, with online orders accounting for a significant percentage of the revenue. To keep pace with growing demand Parkit360 added staff and plans to move to a 20% larger manufacturing facility this year.

Also within the past year, Parkit360 brought on PR and marketing firms to assist in its brand awareness activities. “We’re especially pleased with the results of our efforts,” said Stefan Houle, Parkit360 sales and marketing. “We ramped-up product exposure and fined-tuned our marketing collateral, and the ROI results have been remarkable.”

Parkit360 power dollies will move up to 15,000-pound trailer payloads, yet are light and compact enough to fit in the trunk of a small sedan. Controlled with one hand, powerful electric motors allow users to easily maneuvering around obstacles and tight corners.