Striking Parks Canada workers plan to disrupt the Labor Day weekend in an effort to turn up the heat on the federal government, according to a report on CBC Ottawa’s website.
The members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) will abandon their passive striking tactics in places like Gatineau Park as part of a strategy to force the feds back to the bargaining table.
The union held demonstrations outside the Ottawa and Winnipeg offices of Treasury Board President Reg Alcock on Monday, hoping to gain his support in the labor strike. However, the department said it has no influence over Parks Canada.
Nicole Turmel, national president of PSAC, said the strikers will change tactics during the last long weekend of the summer.
“We know it is the end of the season and we have been quite flexible in trying to not disrupt too much the service,” she said. “But the employer is still not doing anything to resolve this dispute so we will have to intensify and do more.”
Turmel also indicated the strikers may hamper boaters on the Rideau Canal.
The warning came one day before a conciliation board is due to make recommendations on a pay dispute at Revenue Canada. If the federal government rejects those recommendations, the union can legally strike seven days later.
“Our position at the table was 4.7 percent per year, for three years. I can’t say at this point what would be acceptable for us,” Turmel said.
“That’s our position at the table but, as soon as they get the report the team will have a meeting, and they are expected in town on Wednesday. And from there they will make recommendations, and I do hope the employer will be ready to go back to the table and resolve this dispute.”