Parks Canada and the union representing its workers reached an agreement Monday night (Oct.11) to end a 55-day old strike, according to CBC/Radio-Canada.
Five thousand workers have been on strike across Canada, disrupting the country’s national park system during its peak months.
The new deal includes a 12-month retroactive pay raise and salary increases for each of the next three years.
Other salary adjustments could result in some employees receiving up to 19 percent more than the yearly increases.
“People who work in the labor and trades are on the average underpaid by 20 per cent,” said union representative Vaughn Davies.
Davies hopes this contract will provide the catalyst to settle disputes with other striking federal employees representing Canada’s Treasury Board and Revenue Agency
“What we got will definitely, one would think, set the pace, there’s no question about that,” he said.
Parks Canada union locals will learn early next week when a vote will be taken on the negotiated agreement.