The RV and mobile home parks — which accommodate those unable to find permanent homes in the fierce housing market in Midland, Texas — are still full despite the drop in the price of oil.

As reported by the Midland Republic-Telegram, managers and owners of RV and mobile home parks have said that their properties have remained rented despite eight months of falling oil prices and budget cuts in the oil industry.

Tanya Howell of Howell’s RV Park said that, out of 40 spots, five were vacant for three weeks. She rented them at the end of February.

“I was getting very worried because I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness, this is not good,’ and I thought it would be worse than just five spots,” she said.

The RV park is a secondary business for Howell and her husband to provide additional income for their children. She said that while the RV park is back to full capacity, at a certain point the business will become unaffordable.

“If we get to 50 percent occupancy … it would be pointless to have (the park) anymore.” Howell said.

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