Parliament Coach Corp., one of the leading manufacturers of Prevost bus conversions, has partnered with Homeland Defense Vehicles LLC to design a coach that protects occupants from nuclear radiation.
According to the company, the vehicle features a special filtration system, offering protection against “dirty bombs, nuclear accidents, as well as biological and chemical agents that might leak into the environment or could be used by terrorists.”
The specially equipped custom coach will debut during the Tampa Super RV Show, running Jan. 12-16 in Tampa, Fla. Parliament said the Prevost coach conversion costs more than $1 million for an entry-level vehicle and takes approximately 12 weeks to manufacture.
“Many people enjoy the RV lifestyle, but we also live in an era when people have some level of fear about terrorism,” said Harvey Mitchell, CEO of Clearwater, Fla.-based Parliament. “Often times, these concerns about terrorism are linked to states where people with RVs like to travel – near ocean ports and border towns or other vacation hotspots. We think marketing a luxury coach with the ability to protect people from potential harm from terrorists will match a consumer demand.”
“The Office of Homeland Security has told the American people it is not a matter of if another terrorist attack will occur within our borders, but a matter of when,” said Daniel Ayres, president of Newton, Texas-based Homeland Defense Vehicles. “We market filtration systems that can protect vehicle occupants from a wide variety of environmental threats. We market these systems to emergency responders, and we see no reason why consumers shouldn’t consider the same type of protection for their luxury coaches.”
Ayres also pointed out that coaches equipped with the special filtration system are also ideal for allergy sufferers. The filtration system can keep the motor coach as sterile as an operating room. “Some allergy sufferers can’t travel, but with this type of coach, they can,” he said.