tekmodo-logoTekModo LLC , in partnership with Quadrant Plastic Composites Inc. announced Tuesday (July 21) the introduction of SymaLITE  panels, an extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art, high performance alternative to luan  panels used in RV construction.

SymaLITE is a reinforced thermoplastic composite material derived from polypropylene and specially oriented glass fibers whose weight, rigidity and ability to shape set new standards in flat-panel technology, according to a news release from Elkhart, Ind.-based TekModo.  Additionally, SymaLITE offers significant advancements not found in competitive composite panel technology, including the availability of panel widths to 8 feet and tensile strengths greater than 10 times that of composite products.

The introduction of SymaLITE composite panels is in response to an ever-increasing RV industry demand for lightweight, high-performance, low-emission, plywood alternative materials, according to the release. “SymaLITE will significantly bolster the RV industry trend toward lighter and higher quality RVs. New materials like SymaLITE are helping the RV industry construct lighter units that are easier to tow and achieve better gas mileage. In addition, this material creates a stronger quality unit that is more moisture proof and eliminates formaldehyde concerns as well. The use of such new materials is one of the significant ways the RV industry and its suppliers are currently responding to market demand in these areas and improving the RV product for better future sales.”

According to the release, key benefits of SymaLITE panels include:

  • Extremely lightweight panels. 
  • Formaldehyde emissions below measureable levels.
  • Panel widths to 8 feet (standard and custom panel size availability).
  • Panel tensile strength greater than 10 times that of competitive panels.
  • Moisture, chemical and rot resistant.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Compatible with hot melt PUR, liquid moisture cure, water-based and other commonly used adhesives.
  • Recyclable.
  • Field repairable.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Displays good sound absorption properties.

Quadrant Plastic Composites, the world’s leading manufacturer of glass mat thermoplastic (GMT) composites, and TekModo have strategically partnered to advance composite technology throughout the RV and surrounding industries.  

Quadrant Plastic Composites and TekModo have design-engineered an entire portfolio of product offerings to include standard luan panel thicknesses and sizes as well as never before achieved wide-width panels. Additionally, engineering resources, design-analysis and test-validation studies have been completed to fully optimize the compatibility of SymaLITE panels with legacy manufacturing techniques, internal structural components, interior décor films and exterior surfacing materials.

TekModo is an Elkhart, Indiana-based Tier 1 technology supplier focusing on advanced composite materials, structures and manufacturing techniques. Learn more about TekModo LLC at www.tekmodo.net.

Learn more about Quadrant Plastic Composites at www.quadrantcomposites.com.