Paul A. Harter, new president of Aqua-Hot Heating Systems

Paul A. Harter, new president of Aqua-Hot Heating Systems

A leader in RV hydronic heating for over 20 years, Aqua-Hot Heating Systems has appointed Paul A. Harter to president.

Most recently general manager and vice president, Harter will position the Fort Lupton, Colo.-based company to best take advantage of the recovery, according to a news release. He succeeds company founder Harold “Hap” Enander, who died last year.

“At the beginning of the recession, we were in a good situation and had little debt so we could invest in new product development,” said Harter. “By targeting other classes of RVs, including trailers and fifth-wheels and moving outside the industry, we’ll increase our market share.”

Joining Aqua-Hot in the summer of 2006, Harter helped reorganize the company, improving quality control and facilitating this diversification. A proven leader, he served as general manager at Android Industries and executive director for the International Society of Arboriculture.

“I have some pretty big shoes to fill at Aqua-Hot,” said Harter. “Our founder had a vision for the company and I’m willing to step up to the challenge and make it a reality.”