PCOA logoThe Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association (PCOA) is teaming up with Cabela’s in Hamburg, Pa., and Christiana, Del., this year to promote camping, according to an announcement from PCOA.

“Discover Your Outdoor Moments” is the theme for the promotion, set for April 18 in Christiana and May 2-3 in Hamburg.

PCOA members will be on hand to greet the guests and give them a 2015 directory of privately-owned campgrounds. They will experience what camping is really like by tasting s’mores and singing a few campfire songs.  Children will get coloring books and there will be photo opportunities. Expert outfitters from Cabela’s will be demonstrating the newest camping products available and helping campers gear up for their next trip.

“Camping is not only the most affordable vacation around, it also is fun and memorable. In Pennsylvania you have more than 235 campgrounds to choose from to make that memory,” said Beverly Gruber, the executive director of PCOA. “Camping is a great family activity. At the Cabela’s event, young families will be encouraged to take their children camping this year.

“Time spent camping or RVing allows you to slow down and gives you the flexibility to pursue what you want and where you want to be,” Gruber continued. “It gives you a chance to rediscover your family and lets you choose the activities your family enjoys. So stop in at Cabela’s, get acquainted with camping and RVing and Discover Your Outdoor Moments.”

For more information on Pennsylvania campgrounds, contact Gruber at 610-767-5026 or visit www.pacamping.com.