Everyone in the RV industry has been hit hard by this economy and the tough times have been a lesson in survival, says Clint Ethington, general manager of Pedata RV Center in Tucson, Ariz.

“When we started to experience a slowdown in 2007, we started looking for ways to stay on top. We have found that you really do have to be sharp and malleable to survive,” he stated in the most recent release in a series of news releases designed to boost business. “We have always tried to keep up with technology which has really paid off because we streamlined workflow and cut costs right as the economy started to get really tough.”

Ethington credits staying on top of Internet marketing and implementing ESF (Electronic Sales and Followup), an Internet application, as tools that have helped the RV dealer stay current. “It’s pretty interesting what the Internet can do for a business these days,” he said.