Campanda.com, a peer-to-peer RV rental company, has set up its U.S. operations in Cambridge, Mass. According to a press release, Campanda currently operates in 42 countries, delivering around 20,000 inquiries per month to RV owners.

“We are genuinely excited to provide our model to U.S. RV Owners, and have been honestly amazed at the level of interest from RV enthusiasts,” said COO Niklas Kubasek.

Kubasek noted that it’s estimated that up to 60,000 American RV owners have listed their vehicle with one or more of the peer-to-peer sites currently operating in the United States.

“Supporting RV owners to safely and confidently rent out their RV’s in over 42 countries has taught us many things over the years. Most importantly it has proven that providing peace of mind through comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance and exceptional customer support is what matters to RV owners everywhere,” he added.

The Campanda model guarantees RV owners total control over who rents their vehicle as owners can communicate with potential renters before approving a booking. For additional protection, Campanda provides insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage and liability up to $1 million.

According to the release, the fast-growing peer-to-peer RV rental market offers several opportunities for RV owners, including:

  • It is not unusual for RV owners to earn $2,000 to $4,000 a month from just a few bookings. Many times, this revenue more than covers their monthly payment and insurance coverage. 
  • RV enthusiasts can use their rental income to help finance their own RV trips. The chance to offset costs by renting out one’s vehicle could also become a selling point for RV dealers looking to inform prospective owners who may be daunted by the cost of purchasing an RV.
  • Some RV owners have become entrepreneurs by investing in their own personal rental fleets for a source of income.

Kubasek is currently establishing partnerships throughout the country and welcomes inquiries about the company, their services and potential business partnerships. For additional information visit www.campanda.com or call 800-207-6361.