Scottsdale, Ariz.-based RVnGO has unveiled its free peer-to-peer service for RV rentals, with rentals automatically covered by RVnGO’s $1 million auto liability coverage, according to a press release.

It is free to list RVs for rent and hosts get 100% of the booking fees, guests pay a 3% credit card processing fee and a daily premium for the insurance. The RVnGO platform also gives hosts free management tools to manage their fleet and communicate with their guests.

“We’ve introduced a new way of doing business, we didn’t want to be like other peer-to-peer or finder sites that would intercept people searching on the internet and then stand between them and what they were looking for to extract a fee. We didn’t want to base our business model on essentially being a nuisance,” explained Paul Kacir. “We’re more like Google, we help people find what they’re looking for and remove transaction frictions instead of creating them, and like Google we’ll make our living selling compelling add on services.”

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