SMC Corp. Chairman and CEO Mathew Perlot sold 45,000 shares of SMC stock at $4.25 a share on March 8, according to the insiderSCORES.com news service.

Perlot continued to own a little over 3.3 million shares of SMC stock as of March 15, according to the annual meeting proxy SMC filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

SMC’s annual shareholders’ meeting is scheduled for May 18 in Bend, Ore.

Meanwhile, two other SMC insiders bought SMC stock in March, insiderSCORES.com reports.

Michael Jacque, SMC’s president and COO, bought 4,550 shares for $4 to $4.25 a share between March 9 and March 29. As of March 15, Jacque owned 189,797 shares of SMC stock.

William Rich, SMC’s CFO, bought 2,000 shares for $4.25 a share on March 8, insiderSCORES.com reports.

Rich owned 12,069 shares of SMC stock as of March 15, SMC reported in its proxy statement.