Gigi Stetler, owner of Florida-based RV Sales of Broward, has come up short in her mission to create a 74,000-square-foot RV superstore.
As reported by the South Florida Business Journal, Stetler’s proposed $10 million Planet RV at the site of the Deerfield Sports Complex in Broward County was supposed to be one of the nation’s largest indoor RV centers.
Instead, Stetler said she lost a $140,000 nonrefundable deposit, $320,000 for eight months’ rent and more than $500,000 in nonrecoverable improvements. The property is back on the market.
“There were so many things against me that I didn’t see them coming,” said Stetler.
In April, Stetler revealed her plans for conversion of the arena and an accompanying parking lot to an RV sales complex that would house her three existing RV dealerships and feature spaces for independent vendors with compatible RV-related products and services.
Stetler also envisioned a child care facility, on-site chiropractor and tanning services along with an indoor grill, bar and dance floor.