pleasantvalleyPleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers announced that its partnership with Little Guy Worldwide (LGWW) will be ending next April following a failed attempt to consolidate the two companies.

For a number of years Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers has been the exclusive manufacturer of the Little Guy, Silver Shadow, myPod, [email protected], [email protected], and Cirrus lines of camping trailers. According to a press release, the arrangement allowed Little Guy Worldwide to focus on sales and distribution and Pleasant Valley to focus on product R&D, manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

The release stated that “both companies have done exceedingly well while growing these niche segments of the recreational vehicle industry,” which opened talks to consolidate into one business entity in order to “capture certain business economies and to continue providing additional value to consumers.”

“Frankly, I never envisioned a future without Little Guy — personally or professionally,” said Pleasant Valley CEO Scott Hubble. “However, given the situation, we wish our friends at Little Guy Worldwide nothing but the greatest success both now, as partners, and in the future, as they embark on an exciting new path. We believe that this segment of the market will continue to grow, thereby offering both companies an opportunity to collaborate and create synergies with other niche OEMs.”

According to Hubble, Pleasant Valley will continue filling all LGWW orders between now and April 1, 2017, when their manufacturing agreement formally ends. The company recently adopted the nüCamp RV brand name for use in day-to-day operations. The company will use this new name alongside the Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers brand through the end of 2017 in an effort to ease the transition to the new brand.

Hubble noted, “nüCamp RV is Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers, just operating under a new name.”

The nüCamp RV website will continue to be developed over the upcoming months as the company incorporates all of its product lines under the umbrella of this single site.