unnamed-1The idea of a dealership hosting a barbecue as a charity fundraiser or a gesture of appreciation for its customers isn’t an altogether new idea. But Steve Plemmons and his staff at the Rural Hall, N.C., headquarters of family-held, three-store Bill Plemmons RV World have taken things to a whole new level — in a southern sort of way – with the kickoff this afternoon (Oct. 16) of the retailer’s annual “Chicken Stew and Camp In.” That’s right – a chicken stew event during which Plemmons and company host more than 100 owner units for a weekend that includes a potluck dinner, golf outing, vintage car show and multiple seminars that make for a lot of fun and relationship bonding. Plemmons noted proceeds benefit several charities. “We’ve got one pot that we cook 400 gallons of chicken stew in,” said Plemmons, who plans on serving a thousand dinners on Saturday night when the public is also invited to dinner and Plemmons dresses up with associates for a “Hee Haw Review” as late C&W entertainer Conway Twitty. “It’s an old time North Carolina chicken stew. Most people don’t know what a chicken stew is. It’s like an oyster stew, but there’s chicken in it instead of oyster.”