The 52nd Annual California RV Show in Pomona reopened today (Oct. 21) after heavy rains that flooded several areas in Southern California forced the event’s closure on Wednesday.
According to show officials, the event got a strong start last weekend, but the exhibit area was “swamped” Wednesday with ankle-deep water running through displays.
Pumps and sand bags were brought in to remove water from the supplier tent after wet vacuums and squeegees were unable to keep up with the 3 inches of rain that eventually fell on the Los Angeles Basin.
As a result, exhibitors, by consensus, agreed it was best to close down for the day.
Wednesday’s storm also prompted California Governor Arnold Schwarzennegar to issue a statement warning people not to travel, except in emergencies.
Show officials reported that attendance through the first five days of the event, which began on Oct. 15, was comparable with last year’s numbers at just over 21,800. They expected Wednesday’s lost attendance to be made up today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.