A Portland, Ore., designer has taken an old idea and made it new again by building high quality teardrop camping trailers.

KATU TV reported that after a somewhat uncomfortable cross-country camping trip with his wife 15 years ago, Dennis Caron began building his own small trailers. Last year, he built and sold 13 High Camp trailers in a modest, small shop in a southeast Portland warehouse. He expects to nearly double that number this year.

Caron is building one trailer at a time, with an emphasis on design, craft and accessibility — and to erase that memory of discomfort on that trip 15 years ago.

“Teardrops showed up in the early ’40s, and they were only around five to seven years,” Caron said. “I immediately recognized that this would have been the perfect trailer for that trip and also for the camping that we were doing around the Pacific Northwest at the time.”

Caron said teardrops made a comeback in the early 2000s. People found old plans and built them in their garages. Commercial builders also made them cheaply.

“What they universally lacked was a sense of design and really high quality components,” he said. “I saw a lot of cheap plastic RV parts and linoleum, laminates and cheap plywood.”

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