Outboard fiberglass boats throttled up with a double-digit sales gain in August, but the rest of the recreational boat market struggled to keep up, leaving the market flat overall for the month.

Soundings Trade Only reported that fiberglass outboards have been an industry leader and they were the strongest performer among the industry’s main segments. Sales climbed 15.4%, or 363 boats, to 2,719 for the month, in Statistical Surveys Inc.’s monthly report, compared with the same month a year earlier.

“That segment continues to thrive,” Statistical Surveys National Marine Sales Manager Ryan Kloppe said.

As a whole, though, main segments sales rose just 0.6%, or 44 boats, to 7,523, and industrywide sales were up only 1.5%, or 195 boats, to 13,075, in 25 states that represent about 62% of the U.S. market.

The figures compared with a robust August a year earlier, when main segments sales climbed 11.8% and industrywide sales rose an even higher 12.8%.

“Up slightly is great, compared with double-digit growth last year in August,” Kloppe said.

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