powerflarePowerFlare products were specifically designed to eliminate the health, safetyand environmental hazards characterized by traditional incendiary flares while improving light signal visibility and reducing overall long-term financial costs for customers. Traditional flares contain perchlorate and other major carcinogens, and sometimes cause out of control fires due to mishandling. However, PowerFlares use LED technology, eliminating the use of harsh chemical perchlorate and eliminates the risk of fire or explosion.A bright array of 16 LEDs around its periphery give the PowerFlare units brilliant signaling or illumination light in all directions. The unit comes with a commonly found user-replaceable CR123 lithium battery that has a 10-year shelf life.  PowerFlare, Menlo Park, Calif., (877) 256-6907, www.powerflare.com. Shop online at www.pfdistributioncenter.com.