Powerhouse PH4000Ri/E Inverter Generator

Powerhouse PH4000Ri/E Inverter Generator

Powerhouse Inverter Generators announced that its new PH4000Ri/E Inverter Generator will be on display at the 52nd Annual National RV Trade Show, Dec 2-4 in Louisville, Ky. According to a press release, Powerhouse will be exhibiting products in the Coast Distribution exhibit at Booth No. 220.

“Early to market with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) in a compact portable generator exemplifies the Powerhouse commitment to be the leader in powering life in the great outdoors,” said Steve Holt, vice president of brand and corporate marketing. “Today’s RVers and outdoor enthusiasts expect their equipment to operate flawlessly in challenging conditions, which is what Powerhouse EFI is all about.”

The EFI system provides significantly greater power along with exceptional fuel economy and improved emissions, the company said. Cold starts and hot restarts are no problem and great high altitude and hot weather performance are added benefits of electronic fuel injection.

RVers can use remote control from up to 75 feet away to start the PH4000Ri/E to produce 4,000 maximum watts, which can power a 15,000 Btu air conditioner. Powerhouse clean, clear power won’t damage sensitive electronics like laptops, flat screen TVs and game consoles.

A built-in digital display is standard and shows volts, amps, hours, watts, fuel level and diagnostics. Retractable wheelbarrow style handles and pneumatic tires mounted on cast aluminum wheels make it easy to maneuver the generator on unimproved and uneven surfaces. The PH4000Ri/E meets the most stringent air quality standards throughout North America and it is quiet enough to meet National Park Service guidelines for campground use.

For more information on Powerhouse Inverter Generators visit powerhouse-products.com.