PowerLinx Inc., a supplier of on-board rear and side-vision systems, has retained manufacturers’ rep William Verity and joined the Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) in an effort to gain RV market penetration.
Verity, who has 25 years of RV industry experience, is marketing the PowerLinx Vision System (PLVS) through the website www.rvenjoyment.com and by contacting dealers along with providing installation instruction and support services.
The PowerLinx system uses patented analog powerline technology consisting of a small sealed transmitter and receiver modules that are connected to a vehicle’s wire harness. Video from side or rear-vision cameras is sent to the driver by a powerline carrier for viewing on a flat-panel or green phosphorous video display.
PowerLinx officials say the towable RV segment provides it with a great opportunity because of the difficulty of connecting a coaxial cable between a tow vehicle and trailer. The company bills its PLVS as the only product on the market that can provide video transmission through existing wire harnesses from all makes and models of tow vehicles to the trailer.