Preferred RV, a dealer that operated in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, is under investigation by Georgia authorities and could be prosecuted under the federal Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), according to the White County News-Telegraph of Cleveland, Ga.
The dealership, which closed its Cleveland, Ga., Murphy, N.C., and Leesburg, Fla., locations within the last few months, is being investigated for selling units that did not have clear titles and mishandling consignment transactions, the newspaper reported.
Retail buyers have told authorities they could not obtain new titles for units they bought from Preferred RV without first paying outstanding liens on the rigs.
The White County, Ga., sheriff also told the News-Telegraph some of the units that were turned over to the dealership on consignment for sale are missing.
A district attorney in Georgia might take his findings before a grand jury in April to seek criminal charges, according to the newspaper.
Charges were brought against the dealership in Florida, where a trial is scheduled for April. The dealership’s license also was suspended in North Carolina.