JR Products and Advantage PressurePro, the original provider of direct Tire Performance Management Solutions (TPMS), announced the signing of a partnership allowing the distribution of PressurePro’s FX solution through JR’s distributor network.

Through this agreement, JR Products will act as a value-added reseller and streamline access of the FX to a wide array of TPMS customers, according to a press release.

The partnership allows access to PressurePro’s FX product, the only TPMS designed specifically for towable RVs.
Offering the FX in fully retailed packages, JR now offers three kit variations including the FX 2 Wheel Kit, FX 4 Wheel Kit and Sensor Kit. Additionally, JR Products now offers POP retail packages of the new PressurePro FX TPMS wheel kits. These stand-alone displays house the FX product line and come unassembled in a shipper box and include a fully printed base, holding tray and informational header.

“We can now offer customers an excellent product that supports our JR Products values and standards while further enhancing the towing demographic who understand how critical tires are in maintaining safety and savings,” stated Brian Roba. “This partnership represents the perfect marriage of technology and customer support. Together, JR Products and Pressure Pro will lead the industry in delivering Tire Performance Management Solutions for the RV and Marine lifestyles.”