The Prince George, B.C., city council rescinded its ban on recreational vehicles staying overnight in the parking lots of big-box stores.
Two weeks ago, officials voted to start fining stores that allowed RVs to camp out because overnight parking contravenes city zoning bylaws.
The decision drew the ire of hundreds of travelers from across Canada and the U.S., who criticized the plan and threatened to boycott the northern B.C. city.
“Just based on the numbers that we saw, that would have been a huge impact on the hospitality sector,” said Mayor Colin Kinsley, who has publicly apologized for the earlier decision.
Owners of RV parks in Prince George had complained for years that they were losing business because of the illegal camping.
Despite the recent decision not to enforce the parking bylaw, council said it is not giving RV visitors a free ride.
It’s considering putting a time limit on parking-lot camping, which the mayor said should help the parks regain some lost business.