The RV Care and Priority RV networks continue to build membership, signing on new dealers and filling open markets over the past year. 

According to a press release, one of the key benefits to member dealers is the emergency service available at 194 dealership locations in the U.S. and Canada. 

“No RV group or group of dealers in the two countries can offer what we can — 194 dealership locations in North America,” said Earl Manning, managing director for Canada-based RV Care. “With the reciprocal agreement between RV Care and Priority RV, our customers can obtain emergency service from coast-to-coast not only in Canada but also in the United States. It’s a major reason for RVers to buy a new or used RV from an RV Care or Priority RV dealer.”

While wait times in the industry right now for emergency service for transient customers can last for weeks, the RV Care and Priority RV networks offer “immediate attention,” according to the release.

“We don’t want one of our transient customers to have to wait a long period of time for emergency service like they might when buying elsewhere or from a third party,” explained Priority RV Executive Director Corey Ruzicka. 

Both Manning and Ruzicka are also actively pursuing dealers this summer.

“Corey is pounding the pavement in the States filling the remaining open markets and visiting their current dealers and so are we up here in Canada. We look forward to reaching the 200-dealer mark,” said Manning.

For additional information contact Ruzicka at [email protected] or Manning at [email protected]