Tom Walworth (center) presents a trophy to the Priority RV Network board, including (L-R): Mike Regan, Brian Wilkins, Greg Lala, Michael Peay, Mark Bretz, Steve Plemmons and Corey Ruzicka. Earl Stoltzfus is not pictured

The Priority RV Dealer Network, formerly known as REDEX, recently was named the No. 1 RV Dealer Cooperative Group for retailing the most new RVs in 2011 by Statistical Surveys Inc.

According to a press release, the awards ceremony was held April 24 in the special events center at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas as part of the network’s 14th Annual Meeting that drew more than 150 dealer and supplier attendees.

Statistical Surveys President Tom Walworth presented a trophy and certificates for all 52 dealers to Michael Peay, president of the Priority RV Network’s board and president of Holiday World of Houston, Dallas and Sunland RV.

“We thank our great dealers and vendor partners for making this happen. I’m receiving this honor on behalf of our great dealers,” said Peay. “From the time we started our group with Paul Skogebo and just a few other dealers, we’ve built this network into a great organization. We’re working with our vendor partners so they can sell more and provide us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Priority RV Dealer Network Executive Director Corey Ruzicka added, “It’s great to have our dealers and vendor partners No. 1 in the industry and also in the eyes of our customers. The road to the campground goes through one of our dealerships. Our dealers will sell between 33,000 and 40,000 new and used RVs this year.”

Also during the meeting, the Priority RV Dealer Network outlined the benefits of its vendor partner programs. “If each of the 85 locations would use the vendor partner programs, they could add on average $400,000  to their bottom lines, which would enhance the dealership’s profitability significantly,” said Ruzicka.

To illustrate the $34 million opportunity, Priority RV Dealer Network board members threw seven buckets of  $1 bills flying through the air to its members.

In addition, more than 20 vendor partners met with 52 dealerships representing 85 locations nationwide individually and presented volume buying programs for the next 12 programs.

“Whether it’s bank financing, parts and accessories, roadside assistance, F&I products, IT products, the greater the volume, the better the discounts and rebates, when you have 85 locations, you can buy on volume,” said Ruzicka. “We provide the dealers with more money and better deals for them and their customers.  It’s one of the big reasons we sell more RVs every year than anyone else.”