The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) Standards Department is reporting that efforts to harmonize the United States’ NFPA 1192 RV standard and Canada’s CSA Z240 RV standard are progressing toward a uniform approach.

According to a press release, a joint ad hoc committee held its inaugural meeting March 13-14 at CSA’s headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario to begin the process of identifying issues that need to be changed to initiate harmonization. Members of the NFPA Technical Committee on RVs and the CSA Z240 Technical Committee were named by the respective chairmen of these two groups.

Over 50 code change proposals were developed for the CSA Z240 RV standard and 13 proposals were drafted for the 2014 edition of NFPA 1192. These draft proposals will now be forwarded to the respective full committees for review and action. The NFPA Technical Committee on RVs will be meeting in May and the CSA Z240 Technical Committee is planning to meet in September.

The development of the ad hoc committee followed an RVIA-initiated meeting in October 2011 in Boston between CSA and NFPA to begin harmonization discussions. Both organizations indicated that the development of a single set of requirements that would apply to all North American RVs could be beneficial to the North American RV industry.

“The first effort in a formalized harmonization is not likely to result in a single document with both designations. Instead, the harmonized requirements would be published in the 2014 editions of each standard. Hopefully a single CSA/NFPA document with both designations could be considered for the next cycle in 2017,” said RVIA Vice President of Standards and Education Bruce Hopkins.

Hopkins noted that several RVIA members were key in the effort, including: Jeff Christner, Forest River Inc.; Terry Elias, Triple E RV; Peter Gildenstem, Intertek; Jerome Hoover, Monaco RV LLC; and David Mihalick, Thor Industries Inc.