New Equal-i-zer website

Provo Utah-based Progress Mfg. Inc. announced the launch of its newly rebuilt Equal-i-zer hitch website.

“We redesigned the EqualizerHitch.com website in a way that makes the content easier for our customers to find and use,” said Progress CEO Jed Anderson. “The new site is designed to help our two main customer groups – potential buyers considering the purchase of an Equal-i-zer hitch, and those who are already owners. They can quickly access the information they are looking for, and then easily locate one of our dealers to help them get what they need.”

The new site boasts several upgrades including an improved menu layout, simplified page layout, calculators to help with the selection of hitch sizes and specialty shanks, and a more robust dealer locater powered by Google maps.

“Customer reaction has already been great,” said Dave Lewis, Progress Mfg. Inc.’s marketing manager. “The new site went live Friday, and we have already received several customer comments with glowing reviews. We are excited about the change and expect it to be very beneficial for both our end users and our dealerships.”

The new site can be visited at www.EqualizerHitch.com.