Progress Mfg. Sales Manger Rich Elliott with new steel ball mount hitch 

Progress Manufacturing has introduced a series of steel ball mount hitches, offering an alternative to its Flash Mount aluminum product line.

“Now you have your one-stop-shop for both the steel option and the aluminum option,” said Rich Elliott, sales manager for Provo, Utah-based Progress Manufacturing, parent to Equalizer and Fastway Trailer Products. “We have it available in two-inch receivers, 2 1/2-inch receivers, and six- and 10-inch drops. We have a 12,000-pound rating on the two-inch and 20,000-pound rating on the 2½-inch.”

Elliott added the company has also given a more appealing name to its coupler lock, now known as the “Fortress.”

“The coupler locks never had a name. It’s never had a brand to it, we’ve always just called it ‘Maximum Security Universal Coupler Lock’ – which doesn’t really roll off the tongue very well,” Elliott explained. “Now it’s going to be the Fastway Fortress. That’ll be coming out soon. Most of the packaging should work its way through sometime just after the first of the year.”