Progressive Dynamics lithium battery charger

Progressive Dynamics lithium battery charger

Progressive Dynamics Inc. announced Carolina Energy Distributors as a new distributor for its lithium battery chargers, and other PDI chargers.

According to a press release, Carolina Energy Distributors has developed RELiON batteries, its own brand of lithium batteries, and will begin using Progressive Dynamics’ PD9145L model of lithium battery chargers.

Progressive Dynamics’ Inteli-Power 9100L Series lithium-ion battery converter/chargers, in 12- and 24-volt, are designed to meet the stringent voltages required for properly charging and maintaining lithium batteries. Lithium ion batteries require special balancing circuits and chargers to prevent overcharging a cell or discharging too much. Units deliver filtered DC power to the lithium ion battery to ensure the built-in electronic balancing circuits operate properly. Output voltage can be factory adjusted to meet OEM requirements for various lithium-ion battery chemistries and voltages.

Progressive Dynamics is a privately owned corporation, providing products for RV, specialty and marine industries which are designed, assembled, tested, warranted and serviced in the U.S. For more information, visit www.progressivedyn.com.