"Mighty Mini" all-in-one AC/DC distribution panel/converter

“Mighty Mini” all-in-one AC/DC distribution panel/converter

Progressive Dynamics Inc.’s “Mighty Mini” all-in-one AC/DC distribution panel/converter was recently installed in a self-built tiny house in Oklahoma.  According to a press release, the electrical panel/wiring can be used for a tiny house or camp cabin.

The “Mighty Mini” is the industry’s smallest 45- or 60-amp all-in-one AC/DC distribution panel/converter. It is available with Progressive Dynamics’ exclusive, built-in Inteli-Power converter and can recharge a battery to 90% in three to six hours with the patented Charge Wizard system.  The Charge Wizard has four modes to safely charge and maintain the battery.      

The AC distribution panel is rated for 120 VAC at 30 amps with up to seven branch circuits. The DC section has twelve branch fuse holders, two are wired to accommodate 30 amp fuses and 10 more offer a maximum rating up to 20 amps each.     

For more information, visit www.progressivedyn.com.