A significant advance in the testing of a new propane system for use in fuel-cell electric power generators for RVs was reported today (Jan. 17) by Clean Fuel Generation LLC of Los Angeles.
CFG introduced a prototype generator to RV manufacturers during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville last month. The company will continue testing while seeking strategic alliances in the industry.
CFG’s current development project is for patented and patent pending components and fuel-cell systems that use propane as the only operating fuel. CFG is working with propane because it is readily available to RV owners.
A major obstacle in developing fuel-cell systems powered by propane is removing impurities from LPG gas such as sulfur compounds and carbon monoxide, which contaminate the hydrogen produced and corrupt the fuel-cell stack. CFG has taken significant steps in correcting this problem and initial testing results are positive.
Using a gas chromatograph during testing, CFG demonstrated the achievement of highly pure hydrogen with no detection of impurities. Testing will continue with the 2.5-kilowatt propane prototype system, followed by prototype development for 5-kilowatt systems in RVs.
The technology is capable of providing electric power to 10 kilowatts and above while creating cogeneration heat and hot water. CFG’s exclusive technology converts propane to hydrogen, which is then electrochemically converted to electric and thermal energy in the fuel stack.
Clean Fuel Generation LLC (CFG) is involved in the development and commercialization of fuel-cell generation systems for the RV and other industries.