A proposed 67-site RV park adjacent to the Veterans Memorial at Columbia Park in Kennewick, Wash., has come under criticism from veterans as Memorial Day approached.
“You have … something special, not just for the Mid-Columbia (area) but for the Northwest,” John Umbarger, a member of the Veterans Memorial board of directors recently told the Tri City (Wash.) Herald. “We’re very concerned. If you put tents and trailers there, no matter how you mask them, they’ll take away from the memorial.”
Some also believe the project would mar the aesthetic beauty of Columbia Park’s entrance, the Tri City Herald reported.
The RV park would be built next to the memorial on a golf course driving range, and would include a new 6,000-square-foot golf course clubhouse, two gazebos and a parking lot.
Golf course manager John Long Jr. intends to develop the site, and has a lease on the property tax expires in August.
The complaints have prompted Kennewick Mayor to create a council committee to review the golf course lease with the golf course’s manager who plans to build the RV park.
“I do (agree with the veterans) to a certain point,” said Councilman Paul Parish. “But it’s not going to a mobile home park as some people think. It’s going to be designed as a golf resort. We will talk to the developer and look at different options.”
Parish and other councilmen said the RV park issue needs to be resolved before the lease is re-negotiated. “We need to get this done because Mr. Long, who is developing it … spent money to have all this designed and it’s not fair to him, said Parish, who also is a veteran. If it needs to be redesigned, he needs to know that.”