The XPCamper in the "up" position.

XPCamper LLC, a niche RV manufacturer in Grass Valley, Calif., has introduced a unique truck camper the front of which pivots on ball bearings so as to raise the rear and offer 7-feet 4-inches of headroom. ”We have built the first prototype,” said XPCamper President Marc Wasserman.

XPCamper in the "down" position.

The 800-pound composite XPCamper XP V2 is designed for a flatbed pickup on which a two-piece shell is placed above the wheel wells. ”We tried to build something simple,”Wasserman said. ”We didn’t want (the top) to go straight up because that had been done before. It took a while to be engineered, but I’ve had this design in my head for quite awhile.”

Features include solar heat, a cassette toilet, diesel stove, 12-volt refrigerator and 60 cubic feet of storage. With six employees, XPCamper builds custom units that take three to five months to complete. MSRP: $33,000.