The Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA) in late December issued an “urgent” appeal to its members to work for the defeat of legislation extending the state’s 6% sales tax to encompass more goods and – for the first time – services.
“Lodging,” which includes RV parks and campgrounds, would be subject to the sales tax for the first time along with items ranging from gum to deodorant and services such as market research and polling, and scientific and technical consulting.
“There are a whole list of services they are aiming at,” Rebecca Lennington, PRVCA executive vice president told RV Business . “They are trying to provide property tax relief, but taxing businesses doesn’t make sense. The very folks they are trying to give relief to will be subject to the tax. And the relief is a 10-15% rebate on property taxes for a very specific income level and below, so it’s not even likely to provide much property tax relief.”
Although Lennington said she is optimistic that the legislation can be defeated, the GOP-controlled Pennsylvania House on Dec. 20 voted 110-93 to send the bill to the Senate where hearings are scheduled to begin in early January.
The PRVCA has some heavy-hitting allies, including other hospitality businesses as well as the accounting and legal sectors. “I think our senators are going to back us in defeating this, but we can never take anything for granted,” Lennington said.