In an unusual twist for a trade association, the Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Campground Association (PRVCA) will sponsor a wholesale RV auction on Tuesday (Nov. 11) in Mannheim, Pa., which also will be accessible live on the Internet.
More than 50 used RVs are expected to be on the block, said PRVCA Executive Vice President Becky Lennington.
“At this time of year, a lot of dealers have used inventory they took in trade at the Harrisburg Show” in September, Lennington said. “With an auction, dealers whose inventory in used is low will have an opportunity to replenish their stock.”
The auction is being conducted by Transport Auctions, Inc., Mannheim, which has held three successful truck auctions since January.
“We’ve expanded because we’ve seen a need in the RV industry for the same type of thing,” said Pat Weaver, director of marketing for Transport Auctions.
The auction will be in an indoor arena at the headquarters of Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Inc., whose principle, Stanley Zeamer, formed the auction company. Internet bidders will use Online RingMan software to participate in real time with streaming video and instant bidding.
Sellers can agree to take the best bid for a unit or establish a “reserve” figure that will determine the minimum a unit can be sold for. Fees range from $550 to $4,500, depending on the final bid, and will be split 50-50 between the buyer and the seller.
Lennington said plans are being made for another auction in the western United States sometime next year. The concept, she said, will be shared with other state dealer associations that may want to sponsor auctions. “We think that auctions like these will be good for the industry and help associations that are smaller than we are or who are struggling with funding,” Lennington said.