PullRite Towing Solutions has released its new single-point, 24,000-pound fifth-wheel hitch. According to a press release, the 3900 hitch is a light-weight alternative to aluminum adapters and steel hitches that
attach to a gooseneck ball. 

The 3900 weighs 75 pounds and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 24,000 pounds. It can be mounted to an aftermarket or original equipment style 2 5/16 inch gooseneck ball, including PullRite’s patented 4436 cam action. The design allows a trailer’s kingpin to be positioned near the axle for a tighter turning radius, regardless of the length of the truck bed.

Bed-saver rails are included with the 3900 hitch. They are lined with protective coating to reduce aluminum and steel corrosion and guard against scratches, crushed bed channels and hitch rotation. 

The self-latching PullRite hitch plate automatically locks kingpin latch so there’s no need to get in and out of the truck bed to manually lock it when connecting or disconnecting the trailer to the truck.

The 3900 and SuperLite hitches allow the owner to transfer from towing fifth wheels to stock and trailers without changing out equipment. PullRite is now shipping the new hitches to distributors.