Alvin Fry and his wife, Davie, have spent 11 years on the road, taking their recreational vehicle to every state except Hawaii.
But, according to a report in the Louisville Courier-Journal, this summer their 40-foot motorhome is staying put at the KOA campgrounds in Clarksville, Ind.
“We’re slowing down. We’ll be in the Louisville area for the whole summer,” said Alvin Fry, a native of Louisville along with his wife.
The fact that it recently cost him $240 to put 92 gallons in the RV outside Texarkana, Texas, is a big reason why. The RV gets about 8 miles per gallon.
“We’ve traveled all over the U.S., and the high price of gas never interfered with our traveling until now,” Davie Fry said.
The Frys are not alone in cutting back on their RV driving. Ernie Ringo, who owns the KOA campground where the Frys are taking root, said business is off.
“The snowbird that goes south in the fall, we could see that declining last fall,” Ringo said. “Then, of course, there were fewer of them coming back north, so that was a double-edged sword there.”
There were 35 to 40 RVs parked at the campground on a recent day, Ringo said. He said he’s down about 300 unit-nights from the same time last year.
The Frys originally planned to head for Florida this summer.
“I’ve got a lot of friends there, but because of high gas prices I’m going to stay here,” Alvin Fry said.
“We’ve never had this problem before where we’ve come to a screeching halt,” Davie Fry said.
Alvin Fry said if gas prices stay the same or get worse, his RV days are probably over.
“If it’s going to affect our plans, we’re probably going to sell this thing and buy us a small place here back in Louisville,” he said.
Five of the Frys’ six children live in the area, and if there is any other consolation, it’s that they got so much RV time in when gas prices were lower.
“We’ve had 11 good years,” he said. “We’ve been up to Alaska three times and spent the whole summer up there. We’ve just enjoyed our time.”