PurifyD Systems announced plans to significantly expand its network of certified partners in 2020, following what the company calls “extremely positive” dealer response at the recent U.S. and Canada Recreation Vehicle Dealer Association (RVDA) conventions.

Officials report that the eight-year-old company offers dealers a “turn-key health protection system,” making it possible for RV owners to enjoy a healthy RV interior environment free of bacteria, viruses, dangerous mold and chemical containments. The proprietary PurifyD system utilizes “intelligent chemistry” that the company says is a multipart, nontoxic, noncorrosive decontaminant developed initially by the United States Department of Defense at the Sandia National Labs.  

Steven Dunn, PurifyD founder and CEO, noted that dealers and RV owners are becoming more aware of the potential health risks involved in RV interior air quality. According to Dunn, these risks are increasing as the climate warms, a point, he says, that is not lost on the consumer. “You read or hear about these risks every day in the news, risks today’s consumers do not want — or need — to take,” he said. “The RV public is looking for protection and that is what we help the dealer provide.” 

The company’s turnkey approach “makes it easy for the dealer to be successful,” according to Dunn, adding, “We work with dealers one-on-one to train their sales, service and F&I staff on the benefits of the system, and show them how to sell our process as an on-going subscription service. For the RV dealership, we are creating a new, recurring revenue stream.”

Dunn claims PurifyD’s “intelligent chemistry” is effective against bacteria, viruses, toxic mold, mold spores, and a host of chemicals, including formaldehyde. Rather than requiring different disinfectants to target specific threats, one solution is effective against many threats.

The PurifyD formula is applied as a mist and takes about 15 minutes to disinfect the RV interior and air-handling components. What this means to the dealer is that in less than 45 minutes, a typical RV can be completed.  

Notably, no HAZMAT gear is required in the process. The company says the chemistry is entirely safe and is EPA/HealthCanada registered. PurifyD will train and certify dealership personnel in the application process, which is simple to administer. According to Dunn, dealers frequently assign the task to apprentice service techs or detailing staff, rather than tying up highly skilled labor.

To provide continuous protection for the customer, the company encourages dealers to sell the service on what they call a recurring, subscription basis. Dunn suggests that a typical family RV would receive two treatments a year — one during the winterizing process and another during de-winterizing. For RVs undergoing heavy use, three treatments would be the norm, more often for rental units.   

In addition to RVs, PurifyD Systems serves the marine, fleet, and facilities markets from its worldwide headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and U.S. headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. As part of its expansion, the company is currently seeking additional agents and dealer representatives. You can learn more about PurifyD Systems here.