Mark Polk

Editor’s Note: The following Q&A appearing on the latest Lazydays RV blog features Mark Polk of RV Education 101 discussing the challenges of purchasing an RV.

For seasoned RVers, purchasing the second or third RV can present a new set of challenges while new RVers can be overwhelmed by the amount of research, planning and decision making that goes into the RV buying process.

With over 30 years of experience in the RV industry, RV Education 101 co-founder Mark Polk has experience helping RVers through the purchase process. The following is his interview with multilocation dealership Lazydays RV.

Lazydays: For all RVers, whether they’re purchasing their first RV or their fourth, in your opinion what are the most important things to consider when buying their next RV?

Polk: There are lots of things to consider, but the most important in my opinion is to do your research on the RV, and the RV dealership you plan to buy from. You want a quality-built RV, and an RV dealership you can trust that offers exceptional service in all aspects of the RV buying process.

Lazydays: Do you have any key tips for RVers looking to make the jump from a towable to a motorhome, or from a Class B or C to a Class A?

Polk: You need to research the various RV classes, the different brands and models there are, and the chassis the RV is built on. After you find the perfect RV that is the right type, size and floorplan, you need to make sure you can safely drive it.

Driving a 35-foot motorhome is very different than driving a smaller vehicle. This applies to first-time motorhome owners and folks going from a smaller Class B or C motorhome to a larger Class A motorhome. Taking a driving course before you purchase a large Class A motorhome can be extremely helpful. To sum it up, don’t buy a motorhome before you drive it.

Lazydays: What other tips should RVers keep in mind when shopping for an RV?

Polk: I always told my customers, when you think you found the perfect RV for you, based on your likes and needs, sit down in the RV and visualize that you are camping in it. Does the floorplan layout make sense? Is the kitchen where you want it? Is the bathroom big enough, is there enough storage inside and outside? Are there windows where you want windows? Can you imagine camping and enjoying yourself in this RV? If most, or all of the answers are yes, you found the right RV.

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