The Quadrasteer four-wheel steering system, which should benefit the users of towable RVs, was unveiled during the Pontiac Silverdome Camper, Travel and RV Show in suburban Detroit Jan. 24-28.

The system was developed and will be marketed by Delphi Automotive Systems Corp., the former General Motors Corp. components supply subsidiary that now is an independent company.

Quadrasteer is scheduled to debut on the 2002 model year GM full-size pickup. It is an electronic system that provides full-size sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickups greater maneuverability while driving or trailering at low speeds, and improved stability, handling and control, especially while trailering, at higher speeds.

Currently, only the front wheels are involved in steering full-size SUVs and pickups. The rear wheels remain straight and create some resistance when turning.

With Quadrasteer, the rear wheels are electronically controlled depending on the speed of the vehicle. At lower speeds, the rear wheels will turn in the opposite direction from the front wheels, making parking easier. But at higher speeds, the rear wheels will turn in the same direction as the front wheels, improving stability and reducing trailer sway and the amount of corrective steering needed when towing an RV on windy days, when passing a semi or when driving on rough surfaces.