Even as uncertainties swirled around oil production and crude-oil futures, a circle of friends shared stories and laughs in the early afternoon, showing no signs of anxiety over paying for the fuel that made this trip to Wichita Falls, Texas, possible.
And, according to a report in the Times Record News, no one was complaining about the significant drop in gas prices, either.
“We were glad to see it was $2.42 here,” said Nancy King, who arrived Monday from the Houston area.
King and fellow members of the Houston Area Bluebonnet Travelers Winnebago Itasca Travel Club set lawn chairs in a circle outside the Multi-Purpose Events Center on Monday (Sept. 25), as they waited for more people to arrive for the Texas “W” RV Rally, which runs through Sunday.
“With the gas prices down, I hope we have a few more drive-ins,” said Butch Morris with the Red River Wrangers.
He sat and talked with the group from Houston. Trips like this one make fast friends of people from across the state – and across the country.
“Between the gas prices and the weather, they’ve got to leave home,” Sonny King said.
The RVs that brought this group to Wichita Falls take diesel fuel, and members of the group were happy to shell out less to fill up now than they did for trips during the summer, when fuel easily topped $3 a gallon.
The average retail price for a gallon of gasoline stood at $2.38 Monday, which is the lowest it’s been since March. Analysts predicted prices could fall within cents of $2 a gallon. Still, it costs about 70% more to fill up now than at the beginning of fall just a few years ago.
“It kind of hurt,” said Tommy Parsley, of Willis, Texas, when he spoke of trips he and his wife, Delilah, made with the higher gas prices. He was glad to see fuel prices drop about 40 cents recently.
Still, it was a price he and others have been willing to pay “if you love to travel,” he said.