A number of recreational vehicle manufacturers have joined elements of the “off-road community” in a new Action Program through which vehicle manufacturers, retailers, consumers and land access groups plan to provide national coordination and funding to “defend the public right to access public lands for recreation.”
In addition to an array of motorcycle dealerships, the manufacturers of Alfa Leisure, Carson, Kit, Komfort, National RV, Nash, Thor California and Weekend Warrior ramp trailers are currently involved in the new Action Program. These companies purchase access stickers for $25 each, install them on the vehicles, and the customer is charged for the sticker as part of the vehicle price, according to an Action Program release.
Funds generated by the Action Program support efforts by like-minded local and national organizations, giving them financial and political support to protect public land access.
“The Action Program started in the trailer manufacturing industry by a business owner, who, concerned with the recent rash of land closures, decided now was the time to do something to help save off-road access and in the long run, the off-road industry,” the release states. “The biggest issue facing off-road access groups is the lack of funding to hire professionals to defend our sports in the courts, which is where the environmentalists have taken our off-road battles. Once in full swing, the Action Program is expected to generate millions annually, offering for the first time the off-road community a well funded legislative and public relations movement that will help save public land access.”
Monies raised by the “long overdue” initiative will help “to hire attorneys and biologists to give the extreme environmentalists some real opposition when trying to close lands on bad science.”