Real-time RV campground reservations now are available to consumers through a partnership that includes Bates International Motorhome Rental Systems of Las Vegas and Friend Communications of Anaheim, Calif.
Now, using Bates’ website, www.batesintl.com, consumers can book their motorhome rental and campground reservations at the same time.
The arrangement is possible because Friend has a database of campground sites that is accessible via the Internet. That means campground operators do not have to set aside blocks of spaces to be available for reservations online.
“We see so much potential for web portal owners like Bates International,” said Gary Pace, president of Friend Communications. “It can give them a competitive edge by offering other travel-related services to website visitors. Best of all, it keeps their online customers coming back and improves customer loyalty.”
Sandra Bate, president of Bates International, agrees the partnership with Friend Communications “is a real boost for our other marketing efforts. In addition to providing RV rentals and campground reservations, our website now provides information on franchise opportunities and RV revenue options.”