RVS-091406 backup camera system

Rear View Safety, an industry advancing road safety organization, announced that its RVS-091406 backup camera system has received the 2015 Gold and Excellence Award from TopTenReviews.com.

According to a press release, TopTenReviews.com awarded the RVS-091406 a score of 9.63 out of a possible 10 points, making it the highest reviewed backup camera. The TopTen Reviews website indicated that the camera had the toughest design out of any similar system that had been reviewed, a major factor that went into determining its score. The RVS-091406 is waterproof and freezeproof and offers excellent image quality to match its overall top design.

All images that are recorded via the camera are fed directly into a five-inch monitor that can be mounted anywhere in the cabin for the user’s convenience. The camera system is also wireless, which makes the installation time less than half an hour.

Rear View Safety noted that its RVS-770613 camera system also won a 2015 Excellence Award. The RVS-770613 features a seven-inch digital LCD color monitor and a three-channel multiplexer, which means it can easily be connected to a DVD player or similar type of external device for permanent recording capabilities.

The backup camera system also comes with a 50-foot infrared night vision feature and has both a 20G vibration and a 100G shock rating, making it among the highest of any similar device in the industry today.

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