Rear View Safety, a provider of vehicle safety solutions, is attending this week’s 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show which opened today (March 15) in Indianapolis. According to a press release, the NTEA is an annual trade show where thousands of industry professionals come together to display their best work trucks and work truck equipment.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Rear View Safety, which is currently marking its 10-year anniversary, is debuting five new products at the show in booth No. 2552. The company also has a display in Safe Fleet’s exhibit, located in booth No. 2225.

Rear View Safety was acquired by Safe Fleet in mid-2016. The company has been crucial in driving the rapid adoption of video systems in a wide range of industries including recreational vehicle, truck, trailer, commercial van, construction, bus and shuttle, government and municipality, emergency, agriculture and industrial.

The recent partnership with Safe Fleet has allowed Rear View Safety to expand further into new markets.