Rear View Safety announced the introduction of the 1080P HD 360-degree Camera System with a built-in DVR.

“We had enormous demand for a ‘Bird’s Eye View’ system with recording and a system with surround sensors,” says Nick Wineberg, fleet director for Rear View Safety, in a press release. “The makeshift solutions we had come up with for our previous iterations weren’t cutting it, so we went back to the drawing board and now have those capabilities built in. The simple calibration and striking 1080p quality are great additions as well.”

The RVS-77555 features four full HD, ultrawide fish-eye waterproof cameras, providing four unique views that merge together to create a complete 3D image of the vehicle and its surroundings. This 360-degree view assists with parking, eliminates blind spots, and helps navigate narrow roads.

The RVS-77555 is equipped with a HD 1080P HDMI video output allowing integration with the new Rear View Safety 7-inch or 10-inch full HD monitor. The built-in mobile DVR records all connected cameras for later playback, making it great for insurance purposes in the event of an incident.

The RVS-77555 can also be integrated into an advanced 12 proximity sensor system, alerting RVers visually and aurally to hazards around the unit.